6000 Series Loveseat Ottoman Mattress

by Kodiak Furniture SKU #: KDF-FUT-LOVE-OTTOMAN-MAT
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Created with comfort in mind this mattress is designed for loveseat with no-flip construction and active support technology. It is wrapped with synthetic fabric with breathable yet dense texture.



  • Loveseat Ottoman Mattress
  • Premium fabric cover
  • Note: cover is non-removable
  • Active support technology
  • No-flip
  • Perfect fit design
  • 294 coil hinged innerspring unit
  • High density foam block layer
  • Strategic tufting
  • Meets all flammability standards
  • Designed for bi-bold futon frames
  • Medium-firm support
  • Color: Black Twill

  • 54"W x 21"W x 8"H


Manufacturer Details

Kodiak Furniture (at that time known as World Salvage) was founded in 1986 in Minneapolis, State of Minnesota by Greg Meitz. Then his son Patrick in 1989 converted retail business into wholesale and called it Minneapolis Furniture. In 1997 its name finally changed to Kodiak Furniture. It reflects the rustic nature of many of their products. They manufacture mattresses and futon mattresses as well. In addition to mattress line production, Kodiak acts as an import broker for futon frames, accessories and other similar specialty sleep products.

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